Meet The Down Range Staff

The world is a dangerous place. The rules that govern how we can go about protecting ourselves are incredibly complicated and overwhelming.

Our instructors have spent careers studying the art of firearms usage, lawful conceal carry, use of force, and self defense. Let us, the instructors of Down Range, lay things out simply, in an easy to understand way for you to learn.

When we’re done working together, you’ll be able to win any threat that confronts you. You’ll understand your rights, how and when you can defend yourselves, and you will have developed the skills you need to avoid the fight before it ever happens.

The road to self defense is a long one. Join us at Down Range and we’ll help you to be able turn this dangerous world, into a much safer place for you and the people you care about.

Matt Gerard

Matt founded Down Range LLC in 2013.  He retired in 2023 from law enforcement after 15 years on the job. Matt has years of policing, Master Firearms Instruction, Sniper Instruction and conceal carry classes under his belt. He loves teaching and being involved in the community.

Brad Ferrari

Brad is currently the Down Range shop manager and is often involved in making sure the classes are run smoothly. Brad regularly trains and makes his appearances at local classes as a student.

Kat Hager

Kat is the social media and marketing go-to for Down Range!  Kat has been training with Down Range since she got her original CCL through us.  Now Kat seems to keep bringing more dogs to the shop then it can handle!  You’re most likely chatting with her when you see us on FB!

Cory Shepherd

Cory’s one of the guys you’ll see in the shop and in class.  He’s also in charge of making those nifty drone videos you see posted from time to time.  Oh, and lets not forget, he’s an active police officer with 4 years of experience, and exited from the Marine Corp in 2017.

Mike Mabery

Uncle Mike is in the shop often selling you your next firearm.  Mike has a history of heavy involvement in the martial arts, and is a regular attendee of firearms training classes. He’s a retired man now with some some crazy stories to tell!

Mark Ackland

Mark brings Matt’s ideas of how the shop should look to life.  Mark is always learning, making appearances in local classes as a student as well as RSO.  Mark was adopted into Down Range because of his dedication and motivation in classes over the last few years.

Sammy Santiago

You will most likely see Sammy teaching our conceal carry classes or youth classes.  Sammy is a master firearms instructor with many years of corrections and law enforcement experience, and is active in the competitive shooting world.

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