Enhanced Police Sniper



Cost of class: $750.00 
For Questions or to sign an officer up contact:
Matt Gerard
You MUST Sign Up For This Course Over The Phone

This is a 40 hour enhanced police sniper course.  The purpose of this course is to provide additional training to operational snipers.  Snipers will receive training in specialized tactics, and execute missions as participants and planning a complete mission.  Additionally, snipers will have the opportunity to build individual skills useful for the success of a variety of sniper operations.  Must have passed a prior basic sniper school. 

Instructor:  Matthew Gerard is a retired Police officer.  During Matt’s employment he was a member of a local part time SWAT team, and was assigned as a Sniper team leader for the Ogle County Sheriff’s Office.  Matt has training as a master firearms instructor, and NTOA sniper instructor. 

Topics covered: 

  • Basic sniper qualification 
  • Basic and advanced shooting skills 
  • Moving target engagements 
  • Urban mission deployments 
  • Rural mission deployments 
  • Low light mission deployments 
  • Advanced sniper skills 
  • Command and control 

Required equipment: 

  • Precision rifle capable of 1 MOA or better (contact instructor with questions) NO HUNTING RIFLES 
  • Small soft bag/ Sand sock 
  • 300 rds ammunition of match ammunition from the same lot 
  • Data book 
  • Hide construction materials if available 
  • Ghillie suit if available 
  • Tri-pod w/ saddle if available 
  • Unmarked/hide/ or personal vehicle if possible. Avoid marked cars if possible. 
  • Pack for equipment 

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May 15-19