Handgun Foundations


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Can you protect yourself? Prove it.

Hard truth.  Having your conceal carry permit does not make you a gunfighter.  Real deadly force attacks are fast, unpredictable, and vicious.  Unless you live a life directly exposed to violence, you are grossly unprepared.

We have active police and SWAT instructors on our staff.  We know what violence looks like.  We will give you the skills you need to protect yourself.  This course will provide you the building blocks for self-defense shooting skills.  We’re going to run you through the reps you need not just to succeed, but to make it nearly impossible to fail.

Topics covered

  • Holster draw
  • Proper trigger manipulation
  • Loading/reloading
  • Malfunction response
  • Use of force
  • Defensive handgun operation

Required equipment

  • Modern semi-automatic handgun with minimum 3 magazines ( or 6 low capacity)
  • Quality kydex, leather, or duty style, holster (if you’re not sure if your holster is quality, contact the instructor) Unsafe equipment will not be permitted
  • 300 rounds quality ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Hat with a brim
  • Sun screen/bug juice
  • Lunch (there are no nearby restaurants)
  • Water
  • Closed toe shoes suitable for extended time on gravel or dirt

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April 23, May 20