Illinois Concealed Carry 16hr Course 2023


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Can you protect yourself should the need arise?

Illinois is getting more violent by the day.  In major cities, violence is spilling into the traditionally safe tourist areas and suburban communities.  Police strength is at incredibly low levels, their responses to violent offenders are being examined under a microscope and televised to the world.  To add insult to injury, violent offenders are being released from jail almost as soon as they’re brought in.  In this insane world we live in, you need to protect yourself.

Our instructors know exactly what dangers are in the world around us  We have extensive experience teaching modern law enforcement firearms tactics and the legalities associated with defensive use of force. If you’re ever faced with a life-threatening assault, we’ll teach you what your rights are, and how to protect yourself and your family.  If you want to win your fight, we’re the school you need to be training with.

Illinois is taking its sweet time processing FOID and CCL applications, some taking over a year.  If you’re serious about self-defense and defending the people you care about, don’t wait!  Sign up for one of our Conceal Carry classes today!

Topics including:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Function of a Typical Handgun
  • Firearm maintenance
  • Principals of Marksmanship
  • Live Fire training and qualification
  • Situation awareness
  • Best training practices
  • Best practices of concealment, and specific tactics for both genders to minimize impact on your daily life

Required Equipment, to be brought to class

  • Semi Automatic hand gun in good working order
  • 50 rounds of quality ammunition
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • closed toe shoes
  • tight neck shirt
  • Hat with a brim
  • Water
  • Snacks

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March 25-26, April 29-30


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